• John Doherty

    Chris –

    Great post here. This is a great example of causing internal change and also encouraging others to think for themselves, as opposed to them seeing you as a solution. I love the “work yourself out of a job” mindset, as this is when you really prove your value and become even more indispensable to the company.

  • Cantufind Directory

    Excellent read. Team building is the most important facet of any good company and one of the reasons we’ve survived the cut despite Google’s dancing. Judging by the pics your team are full of the most important element. The desire, and that can be analogized as ‘oil’ which every tool needs to function to it’s maximum capability. Good luck from the team at Cantufind

  • napoleonsuarez

    Great post, Chris, but it was the image at the top that got my attention. I remember taking that and then you superimposing Brett’s face in there. Great memories. Remember when you actually cropped out the trash thing in the back? I knew you were a whiz from that moment on. OmniSEER not included, of course.