• Matt Mclelland

    I’m getting huge amounts of fake leads from the bing search partners.. This problem has been going on with bing for years. I’m really surprised they haven’t fixed this yet.

  • Francis Shovlin

    Hey Matt – thanks for taking the time to read and provide some feedback. I completely agree with you that Search Partners tend to drive lower quality traffic.

    The main point I was trying to drive home is that while there are a lot of bad leads, I am seeing leads that generated profit. So before anyone decides to cut out search partners solely based on a high percentage of bad leads, I recommend to analyze your ROI.

  • Bethany Bey

    Great post Francis. I gave up on syndicated search partners back in 2011, but might have to test it out again.

  • Francis Shovlin

    Thanks @BethanyBey:disqus. I highly recommend it based on what I saw so far. We’re actually in the midst of launching more campaigns targeting search partners today!

  • Philip Tomlinson

    It looks like Bing still has a lot of work to do. My biggest annoyance in eCommerce is being accused of selling fraudulent merchandise each time I decide to tweak my campaigns…

  • Francis Shovlin

    Hey @philtomm:disqus – thanks for the read! Is this specific to Bing or all search engines? Also, are you being accused by the engines or users?

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