• Gayle Rogers

    I can’t stand that “we” continue to help promote Yelp. It’s editorial. You can ask for all the reviews you want and Yelp isn’t going to publish half of them. If I’m a first time “Yelper” is my opinion any less important? Is a positive review on Twitter any less informative? On top of that, they are out selling packages that give you more “control” over your footprint. The sad part is that some businesses are forced to spend more time trying to “manage” reviews on Yelp rather than actually doing business. There has to be a better way.

  • Kathryn Cudemo

    Thanks for your feedback, Gayle! I really appreciate it.

    I completely understand the frustration that can come from promoting Yelp. I think Twitter and Facebook are extremely useful for direct communication with customers, however, most people don’t use those social mediums to look at other people’s opinions of a company. That is why I think Yelp is more useful when it comes to attracting new customers.

    I personally use Yelp to research new restaurants or places in my area. I usually only consider the businesses with a decent amount of reviews and then only look at the recent negative comments. Some criticisms I take with a grain of salt depending on the situation. But if the comments consistently criticize the same thing, it carries more weight when I make my decision.

    By accumulating more reviews (even though some may be filtered), responding to those poor comments and using the constructive criticism to make changes, Yelp becomes an invaluable customer relations tool. Sometimes you can even see how the negative opinions have changed/disappeared over time because the company noticed the negative review pattern and modified their business practices to improve the customer experience.

    While there may be a better way, unfortunately, I don’t think Yelp is going anywhere any time soon (even with the fake review scandal and review filtering). Therefore, I think it should be used as a tool to help you “do business,” not as a nuisance that keeps you from doing so.

    I’d love to hear more about what you think on this topic!