• Alex Turbett

    Thanks for sharing this Amanda. Really appreciate not only the detailed instructions, but also the thought that goes into setting profiles up like this. I’ll probably be putting a lot of this knowledge to use in the near future!

  • Amanda

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed the read Alex!

  • AndrewHolstein

    Is there a reason you set up different profiles for organic/ppc/mobile, rather than just going through GA’s interface to find those reports?

  • Amanda

    Hi Andrew, thanks for your question! While GA does offer interfaces for organic/ppc/mobile visits, the advantage of profiles is they allow you to view data specific to certain visitor types throughout GA without having to drill-down or apply advanced segments to gain insight.

    Also, for areas like PPC, your paid search visitors may fall outside of GA’s definition of ‘paid search’. For instance, if you want to track paid search visitors outside of AdWords, perhaps from an email marketing campaign or displays ads outside of the content network, you can setup your PPC profile to include these visitors all in one.

    Overall, these profiles allow you to access cleaner data on your visitors in an easier and more efficient manner. Hope this helps answer your question!

  • Ryan Rollan

    Yeah, whatever your position or level you should always make or follow best practices when setting up new profiles. I always do that. thanks for sharing. Great post!

  • Amanda

    Couldn’t agree more Ryan, hope this helps, thanks for your comment!

  • Megan

    So I tried to set up the PPC profile, and while it shows the visits from both our google and bing paid search efforts, none of the campaign parameter information shows up for the google visits. The keyword, campaign, and adgroup information all comes back as “(not set)”. However when I go to my general profile, that information is all there.

    Any suggestions for how I can get that information included in my PPC profile?

  • Brian Swanick

    Amanda. Absolute MONSTER of a post! It’s interesting because 8 months ago I wouldn’t have been able to understand the benefit of these profiles. Even though our back end is to blame for case sensitive URL’s (**shaking fist at Joomla, very dramatically**), there are probably plenty of businesses that aren’t aware that this is an issue. Awesome stuff.

    I’ve been experimenting with a profile that removes the dynamic ending to each URL. For instance, with every search for a product, there is a unique query string attached to each result. So with 15 searches, there are 15 URL’s. Not the end of the world, UNLESS you have more than 50k unique pageviews on a reg GA platform. Me = :(

    I think I’ve resolved it, but only time will tell. I wish I had been taught Regex basics sooner. Along with advanced search operators, really amazing utility.

    I also followed you on Twitter so I may shoot you random replies :)

  • Amanda

    Hi Brian! Glad to hear that you found the post helpful, as you’ve pointed out these profiles can be even more of an advantage if your working with incredible amounts of data. I saw that you mentioned a profile that removes the dynamic ending to URLs in relation to site searches – are you using the ‘Site Search Settings’ within the admin section of your profile settings? There you can strip the query parameter out of the URL and track site searches in GA as well, hope that helps!

  • Amanda

    Hi Megan, glad to hear your setting up profiles! Sounds like your AdWords account is linked to your general profile but you still need to link your AdWords account to the new PPC Profile you’ve setup.

    For this you’ll need to access your AdWords account and then go to the My Account tab, then to Linked Accounts>>Google Analytics>>Profiles. There you can add any new profiles you’ve created. Also, in the Profile Setting of your PPC Analytics Profile, don’t forget to add the email of the AdWords account you wish to link to under the ‘Linked AdWords Accounts’ section.

    I hope this helps and best of luck on your analytics adventures!

  • Eddie

    Hi Amanda. A bit late to this post but have found it very useful thanks. One question. Should Filter A (hostname) also be used when applying Filter D (PPC traffic)? And if not, then why?

  • Daniel

    Why would you not simply use advanced segments within profiles, instead of creating new profiles which require individual maintenance?

    The only argument I can think of is for simple goal analysis (as segments cant be used in the goals report but can in content > all pages report).

  • Lee

    i used “Filter E: Include only Mobile Traffic” but my profile did not have any data, why this happen? how can i fix it?