• Duke Tanson

    It’s definitely something that business owners need to look into, especially those who sell products with a high percentage of sales on the phone. There is however the problem of attribution, that is, working out which of the calls from PPC ads converts and what percentage of sales through calls were generated through ppc ads. It boils down to proper attribution which will entice investment in this area.

  • RankWatch

    Quite right you are, the basic needs of call-driven PPC campaigns is especially for those looking to foray as outright sellers. It is a better option for local search-optimization and with more and more businesses being directed towards the mobile computing frame, such PPC campaigns would be a great tool.

  • Jason Manion

    Good points. Call tracking can literally turn a “failing” PPC campaign into a successful campaign, just because you’re able to see a more complete picture of the results your ads are driving. I’ve seen that happen before.

    For some clients, you may not even need a dynamically inserted number. These solutions aren’t always cost-effective for those smaller clients. For that type of client, you can easily get a trackable number which forwards to the client’s main number, but allows you to track the amount of calls PPC drives. (Obviously this assumes a PPC-dedicated landing page.)

  • Audrey Bloemer

    @JasonManion:disqus Agreed. Phone tracking can have amazing effects on PPC campaigns! Thanks for sharing Could be a great test for some of our smaller clients. I’ll definitely be looking into that!

  • Audrey Bloemer

    @DukeTanson:disqus A great way to determine what percentage of sales/lead came through PPC ads is by having unique phone numbers for your PPC campaigns and/or ad groups. You should then be able to easily distinguish. Determining which calls actually convert is a little trickier but we find that some clients have the ability to internally track PPC phone leads all the way through the funnel which is extremely helpful!

    Like you said though, its definitely an investment but I think it’s well worth it!

  • Leona james

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