• David McCormick

    I like your point of view Ben. Another one I like is comparing SEOs to painters. Some people think that just because you can buy a paintbrush and put paint on something that that makes you a painter; it doesn’t.

    Unfortunately, too many business owners don’t understand that SEO isn’t just a list of bullet points that can be quickly run through and checked off by some guy who’s read “SEO for dummies”. To be a valuable investment SEO efforts must be tailored to each business with a detailed plan based on their analytics data, competitor analysis and business objectives.

    Only then is it a wise and reliable investment instead of a crapshoot.

  • benb

    Good point David and thank you for commenting.

    You are right! SEO strategies are different for each client and books can’t be printed fast enough to cover all the changes that happen in SEO.

    In this post I am not just referring to the amateur SEO’s but also the ones that are experts who rather try to trick and fool Google’s algorithm instead of building a valuable site.

  • Jason Nelson

    SEO gambling does have some similarities to high stakes poker. You better have a big bankroll and learn quickly from your mistakes.

  • Andrew

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