Are you attractive? Inciting Editorial Links to Your Site

It’s like getting flowers “just-because”, an unexpected pay raise in your paycheck, or a surprise birthday when it’s not even your birthday! Yes, discovering an editorial link to your site from a quality website can be that exciting. Not only did someone think your site was link-worthy, but the importance of your site may increase in the eyes of the search engines if you get enough editorial links. So, how do you get them?

In a recent post on Search Engine Journal, Raj Dash cited trends he thought attracted the most editorial links to websites. Among the link magnets mentioned were diagrams, audio podcasts, video channels and maps.

Here are a few other ideas:

1. Keep a section of your website updated with news or articles that will entice readers to blog about it and entice industry-related sites to link to it. Fresh content reminds people to visit and increases the interactivity of your site. In the TV business there is a saying that “Content is King.” Content is what seizes the attention of the viewer and eventually compels them to link back.

2. Use your expertise to your full advantage and create a free tool that will attract users and compel them to link to it. Not only does it increase the overall value of your site but the more popular and useful your tool, the more links you’ll attract!

3. Compose press releases and articles about your company and industry. Not only will this allow others to read about you, but it can offer an accompanying link to your site. But be tactful! Duplicate content can cause penalties. Don’t submit the same articles to a large number of sites and make sure they are of high quality.

4. Get to know the internet community! Introduce your business in related discussion forums where you can offer your insight to other’s questions. Eventually, this will earn you credibility “in the space” and attract more attention to your site. Remember to be open about the company you represent and avoid disguising your postings. Users can easily detect dishonesty.

Because the criteria for valuable links are always shifting, the demand for creative link strategies will increase. As a novice in the SEO industry, I am looking forward to using our basic strategies to develop dynamic link-building solutions.