• Matt M.

    I like the concept, but I think it should be more equal as to what seller rating would show the extension. Showing only those companies that have great ratings is really only increasing click-through (and Google profit). They may not have a great offer or even a relevant one to a particular consumer. It will be interesting to see if this impacts CTR at all.

  • Aaron

    Matt I tend to agree with you – while it does look like it’ll increase the CTR, it doesn’t really provide a ton of value to the consumer as it doesn’t paint a complete picture.

    Which brings up another interesting point; will a searcher now assume that all stores without ratings are bad? What if they have a 5 star rating, but only 25 reviews?

  • Melica

    Hey Aaron, great article, I must say! it gives a nice overview over the pros/contras of the seller rating extensions. As I run my own small E-Shop, I am really interested to get a better position on google and have more traffic. Just got a call today from a company called eKomi ant they explained me for a whole hour why the seller rating extension is a must for me…. Still, I`m not sure whether to try to get my 30 product reviews with them or try something else. Do you have any idea?

  • battery bikes

    I was always wondering that where do the ratings & reviews come from? Now I got the idea that Google Product Search ratings are compiled from a variety of sources including Epinions, Google Checkout, Reseller Ratings. Your blog gave a nice overview over the benefits and loss of the seller rating extensions.