• Rob Sandie

    I share your hatred in Video SEO. It’s disgenuine and a waste of money.

    Thanks for posting this.

  • wil

    Rob, thanks for commenting – I do think you may have missed the point though. I love Video SEO, I just hate scammers. For instance we have a video that ranks very well, and I am cool with it because the video is relevant and offers help to a lot of people on SEO (the topic of the video)

  • mark robertson

    What a fabulous post. I am so passionate about this and totally hate these “SEO” scammers who basically take your video, put it up on tubemogul (which is free) and then claim expertise, etc… We write about this fairly often at but this was an excellent example. Thanks for sharing.

  • wil

    Mark, thanks for stopping by, LOVE your blog by the way.

    I think that the worst part is that smart people may actually USE these guys not realizing that they are garbage!

  • Mark Kennedy

    Wil, thanks for sharing this. Clients ask me about other ventures all the time and I always make sure I give them a truthful and informative answer. It builds trust, expertise, and relationships.

    Also, it’s always good to learn about new things that are out there (good and bad). I’m glad to see you take the same responsibility when it comes to your clients.

  • Dwight MIller


    As usual, great article. You are going to ruin it for the SEO guru guys :). I guess what I hear you saying (based on what matters) is that in Video SEO like other strategies, the important metrics are conversion metrics. You list account signups, embeds etc all are some form of conversion. Again SEO focused on ROI.

    Challenge is many customers can’t tell you what is a conversion (signup, sales etc)

    Nice job

  • wil

    @Mark no sweat, just trying to do my part you know? Isn’t it great when your clients trust you on decisions like these? Heck I even smile when out clients call us asking what phone they should buy, or laptop, or external drive. Those are the best calls, because it says you are working with them at a level well past client / vendor.

  • Grant Crowell

    Look forward to us us “calling out” more Video SEO scams. Great opportunity brings out bad company, just like with traditional SEO. We can do a service to this emerging industry by exposing the charlatans and educating others.

  • chris ondo

    I have seen these same kind of internet marketing scams all over Orlando Florida where I live and work. Most of these big seo companies lie, steal and cheat just to get you to write a check.

    Worse yet many target lawyers and really take them for a ride to nowhere fast.
    I have seen it myself and am living testimony to these rip off artists.

    Sad sad sad…..

    Chris Ondo