• Barry Adams

    Awesome news! I’m in total awe of Aleyda – her blog posts for State of Search are absolutely superb. A huge catch and a perfect match for a great agency like SEER, so congratulations Wil & team on getting her on board!

  • Aleyda Solis

    Thank you very much Wil! I’m hugely excited for the great opportunity to work at SEER, be able to become part of such a great team and happy to take SEER #RCS internationally :D Look forward to see you all on Monday at the #SearchChurch

  • Aleyda Solis

    Wow! Thank you very much Barry :) I really appreciate it. I’m very excited and thankful to Wil for the opportunity.

  • Alessio Madeyski

    I am a big fan of @aleyda:disqus and I’m so happy about this news I cannot even tell. SEER did an amazing decision. I mean SEER + Aleyda = awesome.

  • DUQUEredes

    Aleyda me alegra mucho que vayas a trabajar en SEER, es impresionante tu trayectoria de un tiempo a esta parte y te mereces lo mejor.

    Congratulations Alyeda I´m very happy with your new job in SEER.

  • Matthew Weeks

    Great stuff and congratulations! :D Well done SEER.

  • Martín Aberastegue

    Congrats @aleyda:disqus and SEER for this great incorporation to the team!

  • JDavid Pascual

    Impresionante, enhorabuena Aleyda!!

  • Charo Paredes

    Congrats, Aleyda!!!

  • Sergio Simarro

    Congratulations Aleyda and SEER you soon!

  • gareth jax

    it seems the americans are invading the old europe ;) Congrats!

  • Rand Fishkin

    Congratulations to all! Great partnership; excited to see the expansion of SEER.

  • Gianluca Fiorelli

    I know I sound pretentious… but I knew this was going to come since I read a tweet by Wil in June/July asking himself why so cool SEOs were living in Spain :D

    My most sincere compliments to Aleyda and Seer for this wonderful news (and, i am honest, happy to see Madrid is the first “European SEER city”)

  • Jan-Willem Bobbink

    Congratulations with your new position @aleyda:disqus !

  • Javier Lorente

    Zorionak Aleyda!!

  • Dani Pinillos

    Congrats Aleyda!!

  • Andrew

    Oh, Not in the UK yet! I got excited there.

  • Philip Murphy

    That seems like a great fit for SEER and Aleyda. I have read a good amount of her stuff and she is definitely a perfect option to help international clients. Props to both parties!

  • Alvaro Ordoñez Gomez

    Aleyda Congrats!

    Your job at the same time your career is really awesome! Keep it up! Stay hungry stay foolish!

  • Eduardo Garolera

    Felicidades Aleyda! Te lo mereces :) Ahora a comerte el mundo!

  • Carla Marshall

    Fantastic news, I’m sure Aleyda will be a brilliant asset to the team

  • June Macon

    Congrats Aleyda! What a great opportunity for you and SEER both!

  • Paul Gailey

    enhorabuena @aleyda:disqus ;) and @wilreynolds Great fit. Two of the finest stage energisers and astute marketers out there.

  • Stephen

    Awesome sauce! Lovely stuff guys, I can see this is going to be much more than the sum of its parts :) As a South African far from home in London, I appreciate how good it is to be able to work remotely!

  • Aleyda Solis

    Thank you Alessio! :) I’m really happy

  • Aleyda Solis

    Gracias Paul :D

  • Aleyda Solis

    Thank you @twitter-628562621:disqus!

  • Aleyda Solis

    Thanks @facebook-697923551:disqus!

  • Aleyda Solis

    Muchas gracias majo! Ahora a darlo todo :)

  • Aleyda Solis

    Thank you @db1e04c226076fa30fd0a46a033bc7db:disqus!

  • Aleyda Solis

    Thank you very much @google-a564c33d8f4633b9f6a3ff2818269b3d:disqus

  • Aleyda Solis

    Gracias Javi majo!

  • Aleyda Solis

    Gracias Dani :)

  • Aleyda Solis

    Thank you very much @gfiorelli1:disqus :) Is a really good example of serendipity for sure!

  • Aleyda Solis

    Muchas gracias @DUQUEredes:disqus :D Estoy muy contenta!

  • Aleyda Solis

    Thank you @xyborg:disqus!

  • Aleyda Solis

    Muchas gracias @twitter-79143545:disqus!

  • Aleyda Solis

    Thank you @twitter-20763096:disqus!

  • Aleyda Solis

    haha thanks @twitter-27973833:disqus SEER you soon :D

  • Gemma Muñoz

    Congrats to Aleyda!!!!! You deserve all this, MGG ;)

  • Aleyda Solis

    Thank you!

  • Aleyda Solis

    Thank you @0ed76c9ab9310684df2906cb55468fa4:disqus :D MGG FTW!

  • hyderali

    Congrats @aleyda:disqus for working with such profound SEO company. You’ll be a great asset to Wil & the team.

  • elena

    Really good new :)

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    Enhorabuena Aleyda! Me alegra ver otros españoles comiendose el mundo. Y que suerte que puedas hacerlo desde España. A mi me tocó ir a Alemania @aleyda:disqus @CarlosGRotger

  • Will

    Wow this is huge! Congrats to Aleyda and the SEER team!

  • Aleyda Solis

    Thank you @twitter-120479011:disqus!

  • Sico de Andrés

    Congrats Aleyda !!!

  • Seth G.

    Congrats Wil!