• Seth Goldstein

    Great explanation of the difference between the Bounce and the Exit. Very well stated and easy to understand.

    Thank you.

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  • Samuel Lavoie

    Very well explained the difference with the exit rate and when to look for them. thanks

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  • Nina Greaves

    A really easy to understand article which underlined and reassured me about my analytics reporting. Thank you.

  • Sammy Hart

    Thanks, that information is extremely useful and explains exit/bounce rates far easier than I ever could! I was having a tough time explaining to a client that the two things are very different, and not necessarily a bad thing (a page users often landed on results in a new window opening upon the call to action, so it can look like a high bounce rate even though conversion is equally high). Sammy

  • Annie Layer

    This article is copied word for word on a website called and then they are promoting the article on LinkedIn as if they wrote it. Just letting you know about this.

  • Jamie Blomquist

    Thanks for the heads up, Annie! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?