• Alan Bleiweiss


    I <3 the enticing title. I came here expecting an article claiming all links are okay, regardless of source or method, and was pleasantly surprised by the content. It really is a matter of semantics in many ways, and more important, that unknown Google threshold, which itself keeps moving.

    So now based on your reasoning (and it's very sound reasoning), we can safely say that Seer paid for the link to the radio show, since, I assume, you work for Seer, and I also assume you get paid for your work :-).

  • Pashmina

    So when do you think the time will come when, we’ll be saying something like “The search landscape is so oversaturated with paid link building that Google is lessening the influence of links and relying more heavily on other factors for ranking such as [insert other SEM tactic here].

  • jay

    Worthless fluff post!

  • Ruud

    Thanks for the insights. I totally agree with you. Every sort of linkbuilding is paid linkbuilding. Even a linkbait campaign that focusses on getting links is something that costs money and is made for getting links.

    I think that you really have to look at the linkingprofile of your competitors en don’t do something totally different as them. if they have a very organic linkingprofile then you have to get this profile, if they have, say for example, a lot of links from blogposts you can also afford getting more links from blogs.

  • John Carcutt

    @ Alan, thanks and I guess you are right, I’m going to have to send a bill to Webmaster Radio now. :)

    @ Pashmina I am already saying that to some degree, but the “[insert other SEM tactic here]” is “Social Media”. I personally believe that as more social factors enter the algos, link factors will be taking the hits. But thats a whole separate article.

    @ Rudd I agree to a point, but just because a competitor has crossed the fuzzy line, does not mean it’s OK for you to do so. I have seen many instances when one site can “get away” with something and the next site to try gets hammered.

  • Rafael Montilla

    Good one John!
    There is not Free Quality Links, as you said “anyone who hires an SEO to do link building” or invite a webmaster of a particular Website for Lunch or some beers.
    To get Quality Links , Must to spend time & $$.
    The are so many SEO companies & SEOs getting good money from their link networks but their clients do not know what is going on. Their clients Websites rank very good but for how long?
    Only Google knows!

  • Adrian Drysdale

    I like to think that Google rewards good natural link building and ignores the spam side of things. If they start to punish unnatural links then wouldn’t you be able to use this on your competitors? Great blog as usual John, keep em coming.

  • Mik Pam

    Just to add my .02 this is a good read heck it got me out of my hole and commenting :). With all the talk about JCP and Overstock crossing the lines I cannot help but ask myself how far will an SEO company go to get great rankings (I say great not good) ? I particularly look at and found their solution creative albeit very wicked in the eyes of the big G. I wonder had they put in a lot more variance in the anchor text would that have changed their fate ? If they didn’t get all those links from .EDUs would that have made a difference?

  • SEO Carl

    Nice post John that ‘line’ is certainly blurry, in many cases i call buying a link paid advertising where i am putting my client in front of a related audience with a logo and a link. Google expects me to tell the site to no follow the link , am i doing this? of course not … Everyone is ‘buying’ links at least Social Media has put a new game on the table.