• Joe Sousa

    Awesome keynote Wil. Nearly every other keynote I have heard at conferences are just rah-rah get out there and do something type of keynotes but you have provided more practical information in this keynote than all the rest of them combined.

    I have seen you a number of times at Affiliate Summit and I would pay to come just to hear you. Thank you for all the great info you share!

  • Phil

    Is there an upload of Wil’s talk yet? Shawn Collins from the Affiliatetip channel on YouTube didn’t upload it yet :(

  • Vinny O’Hare

    Great list Wil. I have an expanded To-Do list now thanks :)

  • Phil

    Okay Shawn uploaded now – awesome thanks. Great talk as always!

  • Colette Marshall

    @ Phil It’s up on the Affiliate Tip site – Great stuff as usual, @wilreynolds

  • Angie Leem

    Thanks Wil – Really appreciate all the great content and advice. Wil have to watch the replay several times to make sure I get it all. This list really helps.

  • Monique Sherrett

    Loved the keynote. Great info all around.

    I noticed one of your links above is missing the a href so it’s not linky. No big deal to copy and paste but thought you might like to know.

    Excel sheet to combine Twitter & Rankings –