• Cody Baird

    Interesting post Aaron. There is no doubt that Google is placing more and more weight on social signals in search rankings. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that it would carry over to Ad words as well now. I noticed that Rand and the team at SEOmoz added a tracking metric for the number of +1′s to Open Site Explorer just recently to accompany Facebook Likes and Tweets which have been a tracking function of OSE all year.

    I see the value in placing weight on social signals in search rankings, but I’m not sure it provides the same value in PPC. It almost seems like more of a strong arm tactic to push their social tool.

  • Aaron

    Thanks for the feedback Cody.

    Your sentiment definitely echoes that of the SEER PPC team; Google is simply putting TOO much effort behind Plus (and social signals) to ignore. I agree with you that it doesn’t make a whole ton of sense to push the number of +1′s to ads but hey, Facebook does it…