• Phil Pearce


    Interesting post.

    * Was the Clients website in the Pharmaceutical or Insurance vertical?

    * Did BingAdcenter also trigger a landing page warning?

    * Is the Website Targeting EU customers (where privacy laws are stronger)

    * What date did this start happening? (e.g. post-May 2011)

    * What did Adwords min Firstpage bid & min Top page bid change “from” and “to” e.g. after you fixed the problem?

    I was aware that missing a footer Privacy link (or AboutUs link) triggered a landing page Quality flag, and thus increased the min bids, but the embedded privacy option on forms I have not heard of before, and I am surprised that this cause the ads to get “disapproved” (I would expect a low Quality score and keyword level warning instead).


    Phil (from the UK).

    Here are some offical Google links:

    The min bid penalties are listed here:

    1. Keyword AdRelevance penalty
    2. LandingPage LoadTime penalty
    3. LandingPage penalty
    4. Mobile penalty (for mobile targeted campaigns):

    Note: It is possible to monitor when the AdBot visits a landing page (or form), as it has a unique Use-Agent, thus it can seen within server logs.
    * AdsBot-Google+(
    * AdsBot-Google-Mobile+(

  • Phil Pearce


    * Was there a field for sensitive data on the form “Password, Credit Card number, Social Security number” etc.

    * Was the form sending data via SSL? e.g.

    Try running this 3rd party crawler on the website and see if it flags the “sensitive data not encrypted” warning:

  • Alyssa McGowan

    Hi Phil- Thanks for reading! To answer your questions:

    * They were in the B2B software space but we have seen other clients in different industries get in trouble for this also.

    * This particular client wasn’t running on AdCenter

    * Some of our campaigns that went down were targeting a country in the EU but our US campaigns went down also.

    * My client went down in Oct. 2011 which was the first anyone here had seen this happen, like I said we’ve seen one or two other clients go down since.

    * Bids stayed the same after we added the necessary links. Nothing really changed with our CPCs.

    * For the client I was running we weren’t collecting any type of sensitive data, it was a lead gen site so for them there wasn’t anything like that needed.

    * Our landing page forms were on secure pages but some of our ads were sent to the home page of the regular domain. These pages were not https.

    Let me know if those don’t answer your questions or if you have any additional

  • Ali

    If anyone else is interested in trends about privacy, there has been a lot of buzz, especially in the recent year about children’s privacy online with regards to person information. I think this is something really important to watch especially if you are dealing with clients who offer products that target consumers under 13.

    Maybe this does not directly affect PPC but hey, if your site gets shut down or you get sued hard enough where your business is in the toilet you really don’t need AdWords now do you?

    Here are a couple relevant links for your knowledge and enjoyment: