• Leo Saraceni

    Really like the ubersuggest idea. Cant believe I didnt know about this site before!

  • Edward Lewis

    Thanks for the video.. how have I not come across uber suggest before?!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Dan Shure

    Wow Wil, great and thanks for sharing!

    Love the use of delicious and flickr to find content that’s already working!!

    Hope you don’t mind me contributing back, but I think there’s some outside-the-box ideas worth checking out in my latest post on using the related: search operator. Its very much in the same spirit of finding some interesting ways to come up with linking ideas that you may not uncover… [see tip #4]

    Thought you or someone may find it useful. Happy Holidays as well :)


  • Andrew

    Great article, nice info. It is hard sometimes working with clients in “boring” industries but where there’s a will (or a Wil), there’s a way.

  • Erik

    Seriously great post. If you’re allowed to share the final link bait, I’m sure many people would love to see it.

  • wil reynolds

    Thanks guys, ubersuggest recently revamped the interface making it much more useful.

    Dan, I gotta check that out still, been quite busy buddy.

    Erik, I can’t say for sure we’ll disclose the final (only because some clients don’t like that), but if we can we will.

  • Samuel Lavoie

    Will, great short video, definitly nailing doing competitive analysis and content ideas for linkbuilding. Tools and just good content works well in vertical filled with spammy sites :)

  • Richard Petersen

    He’s using Windows. I would of thought you would be mac all the way.

  • Dixon

    Hi Ol’ Bud!
    Great for finding link candidates – but the article doesn’t demonstrate actually GETTING any links, Wil. Finding pages about eyes is one thing. Getting them to link to your client… not covered in this video.

  • Jonathan Bentz

    eye injuries aren’t nearly as boring as some things i’ve had to pull rank for in the past – but love the tips and tools here. any thoughts on using stumbleupon or a similar social sharing/bookmarking site in its place?

  • Daily Deals Tracking

    Building quality links is really time consuming jobs. Thanks for articles and throwing some new tips.

  • Fabnomics

    Will Reynolds I could kiss you!!! You have saved me an incrdible amount of time. Uber suggest is awesome i always use it. Have you tried mergewords as well?

  • Wil Reynolds

    Dixon, thanks for bringing that point to light, maybe I’ll do a follow up of the actual work in practice.

  • Chris M

    Hi Wil,

    I bookmarked this back in December and have only finally had a chance to take a watch. Great video and nice to see people supporting ubersuggest. The only thing I would say about the video is that it would have been incredibly useful to see how you went about acquiring the links once you’d found all these powerful resources – The video implies that you’re going to show how you do the link building, but in fact it just shows some places you’ve found that might be worth building links with.

    Perhaps a follow up articles as you’ve suggested above?