• Desiree

    Just spent an hour on the phone with YSM and talked to two reps who have no idea how to generate this information?? They’re saying it doesn’t exist. They want an account number for the account that was able to generate this info. They’re really trying hard to with hold this info.

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    Very Interesting!!!

    If you are unable to get the report, I just read about this new tool that may accomplish the same thing. I have not tested it yet, but plan to.

    Basically, the tool allows you to report on what you are being matched to across all engines for $39/mo.

    I you end up testing it before me,let me know how it is.

  • bill mariano

    If I look at my Analytics tracking reports, I can see the actual search terms used for each campaign/ad group in Yahoo and others. Also, Yahoo includes the exact search term in the optional parameter OVRAW. I don’t understand why this article makes it appear as if the information is secret.

  • Paul Lee

    Great Article. Thanks for the information. Very interesting stuff. The advanced match issue has been a huge concern for me as well and been spending time digging into it. Looking forward to digging out all the bad matching that is potentially going on.

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for commenting. It is true this information is not secret and can be obtained through web analytics. Yet, many people who do PPC do not know how to get this information from their web logs. I still find using the “Yahoo Search Query Report” useful in that it takes no technical “know how” to receive the reports. The main issue is that the report exists at Yahoo and the majority of the representatives there when you asked them about it have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    Hi Paul,

    Be prepared, you may find some pretty scary stuff as you start digging!

  • Rock Star

    Hey Bonnie Schwartz,

    How much this Yahoo Web Analytics tool cost per month. Is it really worth.

  • Thiago

    Hi Bonnie,

    I really need this report, thank you for the tip! I support a lot my work on Adwords on it’s own search query report… so on Yahoo I just get a lil. lost…

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    @Thiago Are you using Yahoo internationally? In the US, you can now pull a SQ report in Bing’s interface, which now serves ads for Yahoo.