• Brian Chappell

    If you are too successful with your tactics, if you are in a heavily competitive niche, you always run the risk. Google makes up the rules as they go along.

    Today they mean one thing, tomorrow another.

    I like the email idea though.

  • dwight miller

    I like the asking idea and while I know Google cracks down on paid links, I don’t see a problem with asking for a link and sending a gift as a thank you (the gift can also be a link). Can’t possibly see how Google would be upset with that strategy. As usual will interesting post

  • Laura

    Thanks for the feedback, Brian & Dwight.

    @Brian — I agree; all the engines can definitely keep you on your toes. There are many days where we’re left scratching our heads saying, “Why is that like that?” or “How did that happen?” It can be crazy but that’s often half the fun!