• WhyUNoLikeYourApp

    One thing I noticed that both candidates are missing out on is pushing their apps on their websites (at least on Android). Go to either candidate’s website or the DNC/RNC website on a smart phone and not one recommends downloading the app. I know that the apps are kind of fluff, but still it’s a branding play, so why not push it.

  • Stuart Draper

    Well done Aaron. Wil’s gotta be careful so he doesn’t lose you to one of these campaigns that will now be head hunting you if they haven’t already. :-b Your ad and landing page suggestions are right on, except you misspelled election! I don’t know what it is about me and misspellings, but I always catch them.

  • Aaron Levy

    Ugh, I had a few different versions of that ad and of course uploaded the wrong one. Will fix shortly :)

    And unless Obama (or Romney) make me official White House brewer, I think Wil’s safe!

  • Aaron Levy

    That’s a GREAT point! I think across the board (and you’ll see it in my upcoming Romney post) the candidates are looking at paid search as a one trick pony. Only get email addresses, or only collect donations, only sell bumper stickers, when instead they can do all at once with some carefully crafted copy.

  • Jon Goldberg

    It was a very interesting blog about a topic that’s fresh on our minds. I liked what Aaron had to say and it makes complete sense to me…candidates are all about funding and ways to grow funding. As a result, they miss out on some things that could help them in the campaign by not bidding on certain searches. As President, its interesting to see them not maximizing PPC and social networks being that they’ve already ran a campaign 4 years ago.

  • JasonManion

    I tried to help a presidential campaign with their PPC during the primary, but it definitely seems to take a lower priority to most of the other types of advertising out there within political campaigns, even the more tech-savvy ones. There’s probably an opportunity for someone who knows the right people within politics to create a politically focused PPC agency.

  • Aaron Levy

    Interestingly, Obama’s campaign was less about funding and more about growing his network. Romney’s on the other hand….

  • Aaron Levy

    It’s really interesting/sad/telling that the web takes a back seat, especially w/ pull-marketing channels like search. Got a few buddies in DC, so I’ll see if I can pull some strings for us :)

  • JasonManion

    Good luck with that! :)

  • JasonManion

    I just searched “debate” and an Obama PPC ad came up with this headline “Obama Wins Debate”. Props to the Obama PPC team on that one.

  • Aaron Levy

    Ha, I just did the same search incognito and got a Romney result. Somewhat interesting ad copy too!

  • Jason Manion

    For me, on “debate” only, it’s just the Obama ad. For the “presidential debate winner” that you did, I have both. And yes, the Romney campaign’s ad copy isn’t as good as the Obama campaign’s copy for this search.

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