• casas en remate cali

    Personalmente, me llama la atención la política de obama…respetando las opiniones de cada persona. un saludo.

  • Alex Blum

    When I tried searching “who should i vote for romney or obama” it looks like Romney is the only one showing. I am guessing he has more broad match targeting on his name. Obama now shows for “who should I vote for.” Wonder if someone read your post? It would also be interesting to see if the campaigns are doing anything differently on a state by state basis. Especially when it come to battle ground states.

    Either way I am curious to see how the Obama site has changed since the 2008 election. Optimizely likes to reference the Obama campaign as a client and this experience testing should be an advantage over Romney when it comes to designing pages.
    Alex BlumSocial Media Strategist

  • Aaron Levy

    I actually found somewhat similar results. It looked like Romney had his name on broad (or at least broader) match types. I’m still getting nada for “who should I vote for” when I’m incognito – maybe they’re bad at setting budgets? either way, happy to have a litle influence :)

    That optimizely post is definitely interesting – an ever-present reminder to test little things, even buttons!

  • dpceee

    Thanks for the post, enjoyed it very much. After after I read your post, I decided out of curiosity to analyzed both Obama’s & Romney’s website briefly. I quickly ran screaming frog on both sites, and noticed right off the bat, that Obama’s site has fair amount of 400 & 404 errors (maybe they should have fixed).
    On Romney’s they did not use any meta descriptions for any of their webpages. I wonder why. Oh well, thanks for pushing me outside the box!

  • Aaron Levy

    I’ve actually seen quite a few different posts come up – one analyzing landing pages all over, one analyzing their social presence. Long story short, SOMEONE needs to teach these politicians how internet works :)