• Mark Kennedy

    What I really think is that Internet Marketing should be part of the course study for marketing degrees. It actually may be in some universities, but I think it should definitely be a course in a lot more, if not all colleges. I guest-spoke at a college not too long ago and they had no idea how Google really worked or the concept of other online marketing strategies. Hopefully that changes soon.

  • Chris Raynes

    Great post Bonnie, I feel to be a successful internet marketer you can’t be afraid of mastering a multifaceted skill set; there are liberal arts colleges and internet marketing is in a sense a ‘liberal arts profession’. Though you don’t necessarily need a liberal arts education to be successful, you do need to possess both a creative and analytical mind. As internet marketers we are analysts, copy writers, researchers, experimentalists, statisticians and self educators. If you enjoy variety than internet marketing might be for you ?.

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    @Mark Interestingly, Morgan who just joined our team fresh out of Penn State, took two adwords related classes. One was through the Google Challenge and the other was a Google Grants class. In both she managed small budgets for real clients. So maybe more schools will move that way.

    @Chris Creativity/Analytical combo is definitely key. Great Point. I feel people hear Internet Marketing and they think they will be designing really cool banners and creating branding concepts, when a lot of what we do is analyzing and testing. You have to like the analytical stuff as well or you will not enjoy Internet Marketing in general.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    I think that as the value of Internet Marketing continues to be exposed, colleges will see the value in offering courses. A good internet marketer has to have a marketing mindset, a mix of creative and analytical and be very versatile because it is always changing. I had an intern this summer who is a marketing major, yet came to us having no idea what SEM is and what it entails. Upon leaving, he was so intrigued with the field and too wondered why his university hasn’t caught on yet.

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    @Nick Thanks Nick for the comment! Some colleges seem to have got it, including Penn State, which takes part in the Google Online Marketing Challenge. Hopefully other colleges will catch up soon.