• Tom Pick

    Pertaining to items #2 and #3 — that is just plain stupid, inexcusable behavior. The best way to generate SEO business is to tell prospective clients, in as much detail as they care to hear, exactly what you will do and exactly how you will do it, with no BS about your “secret sauce” or proprietary techniques. This will communicate to the prospect that 1) while there are no secrets in SEO, there is a bit of art, and 2) you obviously know what you’re doing.

    Items #1 and #5 seem a bit contradictory. I advise people to RUN, now walk, away from any SEO “expert” who “guarantees” results, because that person is either lying, or using manipulative black hat tactics, or both. So…how can SEO be held accountable for results? Perhaps by setting realistic expectations. Letting a prospect know that while you can’t guarantee results, you can estimate a reasonable expectation (based on the current state of their website and competitiveness of their desired search terms) builds a relationship of trust.

  • wil

    Hey Tom, thanks for swinging by!

    I can see how #1 & #5 can be a bit contradictory. I too, hate the “expert” moniker, but you ended your comment with building a relationship of trust, and I think that is what I meant to get across. Being accountable to me simply means owning the results, good or bad and being transparent about the impact your work has had on a client’s bottom line.

    Thanks again!

  • Rick Simmons


    Right on. It is amazing the stories we hear and it is apparent when a firm has spoken to someone else by the questions they ask. I encourage them to talk with someone else – sometimes you.

    If you are doing the right things right then what is there to be afraid of.

    Any thoughts on how to better police our own space. I am doing my part by continuing to educate at seminars etc and I know you are doing the same.

  • SeonDesign

    I do Agree with your these point , the point which i like most is we do not educate our clients on the thing we are doing for them , and they never came to know much about what we have done for them.

  • wil

    Rick, I just don’t know my friend. Just keep being honest, letting people know how this process works, and walking away if they have unrealistic expectations.

    I try to take time even with those we can;t work with to help educate them on what to look for in other SEO companies they interview.