• April Wilson

    As someone who works with a lot of bloggers as a go-between for the blogger and the brand… it’s amazing how often companies get this wrong. I’d also add to your list the idea that bloggers should be so thrilled you’re reaching out to them that the discussion on compensation is either insulting or non-existent. These are savvy, smart people who deserve to be compensated to help any brand with their marketing.

  • Melissa Alam

    I couldn’t agree more April!

  • Jude

    I’ve had more than my fair share of experience working with bloggers and I would definitely agree that the topic of compensation has never come up even once.

  • Andrew

    As a blogger, I’ll add weight that there are many companies that get this wrong.
    #1 is really important. I have gotten to deleting emails that don’t read my site enough to find my name.

    #3 is one that needs to be toned down some. Being over enthusiastic can really come off as a sleazy used car sales pitch. The point here is far more, show that you have read the blog and what they write about as opposed to just being a part of a copy-past campaign. The more !s I see, the more likely I am to be suspicious. Though sometimes it is as simple as reading the last few posts and mentioning something from them.

    Lay out what you are looking for and what you are offering. As April mentions, blogger have something you want (exposure/links/etc) and you have something they want ($/exposure?). As you mention in the Summary (and was mentioned by April), these are humans that often pour their time and energy into these blogs, don’t be insulting as to expect them to be happy to get an email.