• Adam Melson

    Interestingly enough, ten minutes after posting this blogpost ranked #1 for Local Link Opportunities and a handful of other terms in Google. Real time search impacting rankings is a different animal, watch for a post soon.

  • Ivanmelvin

    Love the suggestions! Thinking out of the box is always a winner for link building!

  • Cory Howell

    Love the list – very out of the box thinking! So many opportunities exist outside the doors of your business’ offices. Get out, socialize, get to know your community. Rewards will follow.

  • Justin Premick


    Dig the list – amazing how many of our daily interactions with others are link-building opportunities.

  • Adam Melson

    THanks Justin! Always adding & revising what we ask our clients to see what matters & what is worth the time. I think this low hanging fruit is easy enough to check if the companies you regularly do business with are able to link to you.

    I’m sure it’s like that at AWeber, if you’ve been doing business with someone, you’re probably not just sticking around for the heck of it, you probably think they’re a quality company and a testimonial or searching for their “clients” page could be the easy link you need.

  • Andy @ FirstFound

    Testimonials for links is something you’ve mentioned often, and it’s a great example. You scratch someone’s back, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t scratch yours.

  • Eddie

    Fantastic suggestions! It’s almost like a Link building has become a lifestyle.

  • David Ostendarp

    Dude, you guys rock with link building ideas…there’s so much garbage out there on the topic of link building and how to do it, but whenever I need to come back down to earth and get some real suggestions I come right back to SEER to find them.

    Thanks Guys and Gals, keep it up!

  • Adam Melson

    David – thanks for the kind words. We’re always trying to push it in link building to find the obvious and the not so obvious. I know between the rest of the team we’ve got some big bad (read whitehat) ideas that’ll be posted here soon enough. Thanks for reading.

  • Lorena Dunn

    Interestingly enough, ten minutes after posting this blogpost ranked #1 for Local Link Opportunities and a handful of other terms in Google. Real time search impacting rankings is a different animal, watch for a post soon.

  • Jackson Lo

    Great list of ideas on getting local links! Testimonials are key for any local business, but leveraging testimonials to drive traffic back is smart. I presume some people would click through on the link to verify that person indeed exists :)

  • Uwe

    This article was one of the rare cases where I actually got some _practical_ tips on how to get backlinks. Most of the SEO articles I’ve read were too general and therefore rather uninteresting to me.

    I’ve already forwarded this article to our marketing department :-)

  • Himanshu

    That’s a great list. If we go buy your ideas then the local link opportunities are endless. You can get links from takeaways, pubs, garage, computer repair, car rental or any local service you hire or have hired. These are the low hanging fruits. Awesome post.

  • Matt Mikulla

    These are all excellent ideas. Speaking as an SEO, and former working artist specializing in corporate and commercial fine art I can relate to number 8. Regardless if my collector posted the purchase of my work I would photograph it myself, blog and link to the company.

  • Adam

    Matt – sounds like a great way to build some extra backlinks for yourself and an example of how companies can squeeze the juice on their current linkable assets.

  • Natalya Murphy

    Excellent ideas. One other suggestion I would add is any company that sends you a newsletter with helpful information. You may not have given money to the company yet, but they’re still providing you something of value.

    One thing I didn’t see mentioned here was the danger of providing a less-than-authentic testimonial. My advice: don’t put anything in writing that you couldn’t honestly say to your best friend. Your own integrity is on the line, so be sure your glowing testimonial is truthful.

  • Jonathan Wilhelm

    Great advice, I asked around the office and found out what charitable organizations everyone belonged to. I then gave them a nice letter asking for a link to send to the organizations and told them if they felt comfortable to send it to the organizations they belonged to.

  • David

    Very nice list, some great ideas for marketing local businesses here.

  • Kristoffer

    These are all great tips. I will try these methods out for my clients.

    I also mentioned this article in one of my blog posts:

  • SEO Sydney

    Great article written on linkbuilding queries. It is very helpful for SEO’s and linkbuilders.


  • Adam

    SEO Sydney & Kristoffer – Thanks for the mention, glad you found it useful. Local is definitely a larger part of search now & worth investing the time getting the links, even if the quality may be lower than other linkbuilding efforts.

  • Chrissy Morin

    Loved these ideas, I’ll be passing them along to my clients.. Thanks!

  • Adam

    Chrissy – glad we could help! Hopefully they’ll benefit from a handful of these.

  • Moe

    Dear Adam:
    Many thanks for such a great info
    I have my URL :
    I target the key word : Toronto limo and I have more links than other sites that still up above me !
    Can you assist me ?

  • Adam

    Moe – it’s not all about the total of links vs the quality of links. You might try to leverage testimonials (links) from businesses that use your services, get local toronto websites to link to your site. Hotels might be a good option as they might have a “Limo services for our hotel is provided by” section. Also, if there are some quality sites linking to your competitors, can you get those links? Do you offer something different or better than they do? All things to do some research on & figure out the opportunities that will link.

  • Matt

    Some utterly great ideas here for people who want to achieve authentic, and sustainable search rankings. Great stuff!

  • Brian Greenberg

    Great suggestions! I’m so happy someone made a list of best ways to earn strong links. Thank you.

  • Thomas

    A great list you have here. The sad thing is a lot of businesses owners are just a bit too lazy to seek out any of these link opportunities.

    So as a web strategist, you have to either light a fire under them and get them motivated or do it for them because all of these things can work wonders a for a local businesses presence online.

  • Laura

    @Adam great post! You said ten minutes after posting this blogpost ranked #1 for Local Link Opportunities and a handful of other terms in Google. How did this happen? All the tweets? Blog comments? UGC?

  • Mike

    Some great ideas, thanks for sharing.

  • yash

    This so optimistic they WY you have found some great lol tactic to build relations thanks dude

  • marry

    Thanks super great lol technic to build links good job dude

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  • Gary Anderson II

    I found this site through WhiteSpark. Thanks for the 35 local link opportunities. I’ve recently been dabbling a bit in Local Business SEO Services so this will be a good help.

    Thanks again!


  • S. Emerson

    Came across this via StumbleUpon a little late to the party but all of these are great ideas still 2 years later.

  • Adam Melson

    Glad it was helpful S. Emerson!

  • chiathu

    good info..It will cost little more but very usefull tips

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  • Shojib Ashrafi Na Ashrafi

    I love what you guys are usually up too. Such clever
    work and exposure! Keep up the superb works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll.

  • VinceLin

    Dope list

  • David Eddy

    Wow this list is awesome, it’s really got my brain pumping with ideas. When you think about it, local link building is super easy if you follow that process of finding out who your clients’ real contacts are, then leveraging them for links :)

  • tye