• Geoff

    I had this problem with my site, a TON of fraudulent leads (form submissions) coming from hundreds of partner sites. As soon as we would block many of them, more would always pop up. I had to make the decision to turn off the partner network even though i knew i was getting alot of good leads from the partner network. The problem was so many fraudulent ones were coming through that my sales team was losing confidence in the good ones. Do you have a suggestions for stopping the bad ones other than a captcha on the site?

  • Harris Neifield

    Thanks Geoff. I’m sorry this happened to you too. Battling fraudulent MSN search partner activity can be a game of whack-a-mole. Unfortunately captchas may be the best way to screen out the fraudulent leads.

    However, fraudulent leads don’t have to completely ruin MSN search partners for advertisers. I suggest splitting syndicated search partners out into their own ad groups so that you can bid less for the less valuable leads. Check out my SEER blog post on other ways to manage Alliance Search Partners specifically.

    This might not solve the problem the sales team’s confidence, but hopefully it can help on an ROI basis.