• Pat Sannino

    David, this is wonderful and so true of your mom. I love your mother with all my heart. She is the first true christian friend that i ever had. She has character that i admire and I am sure I would not be the woman I now am, if not for her friendship and guidance many years ago. I think of her often. God bless you and your family Pat Cohen Love ya, Pat Sannino

  • Sara

    Dave, this must have made your mom’s day. It’s all true! She is a wonderful loving woman that I’ve always been grateful I had in my life as a young person. She was always happy and kind. She taught me simple things about love and family that I would have never learned elsewhere. I knew I could turn to her anytime I needed an adult figure in my life. I’ve never forgotten her and although haven’t seen her in over 18 years she holds that special place in my heart.

  • David Cohen

    Sara, thank you so much for taking the time to read the story and leave such a kind comment. During that time in our lives I know I didn’t fully appreciate her the way you did, but everything you say is true. You will see each other again sometime, I’m sure.