• goodnewscowboy

    Alright Will. Now you’ve done it.

    I heavily use my RSS feed reader to keep track of the multiple blogs I follow. It’s compartmentalized and I have a folder that’s labeled 5 diamond blogs. A small handful of the SEO blogs I follow are in there. The huge majority are in the SEO folder.

    I do this so that when I get behind, I just mark all folders but the 5 diamond blog folder “read” I hang on the the unread items in the 5DB until I actually read them. For that reason I keep the 5DB folder as lite as I can.

    But thanks to yet ANOTHER good and original post, I have to move your feed into the 5DB arena. So thanks for the good content (and thanks for further clogging up my 5DB folder :p)

  • Evan

    Love the tips! Thanks for sharing them with me Shown Collins…

  • Dana Lookadoo

    I agree with Good News Cowboy! This is a valuable and original post!! Your advice for tracking converting keywords and their performance in universal search is phenomenal!

    Thank you for so willingly sharing your insights!

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