• Free Wordpress Installer

    Hey Ryan,
    This is a great step by step wordpress installation guide.
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    Cheers, Team

  • Cody Baird

    Note to self…set up disclosure page. Thanks. By the way the new layout for the SEER site looks great!

  • Shailesh Tripathi

    Great job I like your type! Would genuinely like to right here your feedback on my blog site! I’m also searching for someone to assist me make web sites!

  • Altiona

    Nicely explained important steps for starters. Of course, we all use different plugins and other advanced items but for start, this is a very nice summary.

  • Donna Marks

    Thank you so much for this valuable and concise information.

  • ryant

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Altiona, your right, the great thing about WordPress is anyone can learn to use it but there are so many custom features that you can mold it to your style and goals.

  • Bryan Mull

    Great to hear that Seer has a WordPress evangelist on the team. Just curious if you guys ever recommend the themes available from StudioPress? Their Genesis framework is awesome and the child themes they have available are relatively easy to customize, even for a novice web developer.

  • Ty

    Got any recommendations for a plug that handles forms well? I see this is a WordPress site and has some forms…what are you using for those?

  • B Hill

    I think you forgot to mention this is only for, not .com?

  • Vivian Dilberd

    Thanks for those wonderful steps for creating word press blog. I think it is the good platform now a days with good plugins and themes for blogs.

  • Brian

    Hi Ryan, great post, I come back to it often! However, I think you forgot a % in the permalink structure. Also, using that structure does create the URLs I want, but when I click the link to the category itself…I don’t see the posts. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

  • micahkirkpatrick

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