• Carter Cole

    The new Outreach app we are developing detects the common “name (at) domain (dot) com” and reassembles them. We are still collecting a list of known formats so it would be awesome if you know of anymore examples

  • Marc Nashaat

    Ha, pretty sweet, got an email I was looking for on my second attempt (first didn’t pan out). Thanks for the tip.

  • mmstll

    Great, Marc! Glad it was helpful!

  • mmstll

    Oh, I’ve seen a ton! Mostly just variations on the types of parentheses or brackets, including the special character or not, and then, of course, the number of possibilities for dot net, dot com, dot biz, etc.

    Anyone else have more to add?

  • Neeraj Thakur

    Slick Hack !

  • Carter Cole
  • Gaz Copeland

    Nice tip Em, I’ve been playing around this “all my tweets” quite a bit in the last few months and it’s been a great place to start your stalking.

    I do have one point. Isn’t it just quicker to start with a mixture of the tip and bonus tip where possible? “email” “dot” – and you’ve got Rand’s address right in the SERPs

  • mmstll

    Great call, Gaz. Thanks for sharing that!

  • Carlos Gomez


    I need to find out who the person behind this account is.
    = @ – s p o o n e d 1 5 6 8
    I have tried everything to find out, and I cant get an email account nor a facebook account, any help will be appreciated.
    Ps: is a twitter account and all the spacing or slashes do not count, is just the @, the words and the numbers.

  • Wendy Arleen Harrison

    Thanks Em I love this one!

  • Shaun

    It did not work now. Do you have any other method?